Art is the transcendent expression of humanity, where the boundless realms of imagination unfold, facilitating an eternal conversation. Artistic expression is an emotion that requires cultivation through one’s unique abilities and the intention to convey feelings and emotions to others. Art and design engage in a dialogue that converges in the genesis of an idea, enabling the gratification of the senses and the evocation of emotions through the elegance of objects.

At DA Editions, we are driven by a profound appreciation for the rich heritage of artisanal craftsmanship that has played a pivotal role in the evolution of lighting objects throughout history. We are dedicated to reviving these noble techniques, breathing new life into them, and preserving the inherent purity of the materials we employ. This commitment to craftsmanship is harmoniously balanced with a forward-looking approach that embraces the latest technological advancements.

This synergy allows us to create exclusive, timeless designs that not only stand as testaments to authenticity but also elevate the standards of beauty and function in the world of lighting. Our luminaries embody a fusion of tradition and innovation, providing not just illumination but also a source of enduring aesthetic pleasure.

Creative Director

David Abad

Creative Director

In 1988 he finally joined the family business dedicated to the industrial engineering in the R & D department, later, in 1997, he created his own project ”dab” dedicated to design, editing and production of lighting elements and also special projects where he was responsable in the creative and technical department.

David’s aesthetic conception was amalgamated between their studies and skills in design and engineering and from his childhood, strongly influenced by spending summers in the family metal workshop and the urban upbringing in the eclectic city of Barcelona where the architecture and the mediterranean light are really unique.

In 2004 he began as a project teacher at the Eina Design and Art school where he enjoy as a product teacher giving students his particulary vision of the design world.
During these years his work has been recognised with numerous awards from national and international design as Red Dot, If Awards, Design Plus, Good Design, Design Preis, Delta Selection etc.
Multidisciplinary artist, has always been involved in a variety of projects in different fields such as architecture, art or photography.

In 2012, he creates his new studio ”davidabadesign” which begins a new stage, working with different companies in different fields, especially it begins a relationship with the company ” Blux ” which assumes the technical and creative direction bringing new designs to their collection until mid-2015 that leaves such responsibility mid-2015 to concentrate his effort in the new studio where he developed his signature creations.

In 2016, David embarked on an exciting venture by introducing the new brand “DA editions” to the market. This brand is exclusively committed to crafting high-quality and custom-made lighting solutions. David assumes the pivotal role of design and creative director, infusing each piece with his distinctive vision and expertise.

Restless, always searching for new challenges that take him to evolve.

Take action, don’t think, just feel, create and believe.